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    Smile Re: Homebrew and Wad Manager gone..

    I have a soft mod Wii and I am on system 4.1.

    Normally I just play my games through USB Loader gx.

    I accessed the HB and it told me to update to 5.0 / 5.1.

    I did this and now the HB loads but is blank and their is no WAD manager.

    Just a blank screen.

    The only thing that is working is the liitle photo of the world in the corner that is flashing.

    What can I do.

    Do anyone have a link to something.

    All soft mod details are still on the SD and still in the Wii.


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    I would say wait for an answer in one of the other multiple posts you are making with exactly the same question.

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    Would I just need a WAD manager update.

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    No idea what you've done but if HBC stopped working then just re-install it, using bannerbomb or Loadmii.
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    How would I reload banner bomb or loadMii/Bootmii

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    The way you do it at the begining of one of the softmod guides. It is also possible that it is trying to read from the usb device. press the 1 button to make sure it is reading from the correct source.
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