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    I softmoded my Wii using the 4.2 guide. Everything loaded perfectly. Everything except Priiloader. I was able to install the program correctly but the guide says that once Priiloader is loaded, go to the hacks menu and check off the recomended options as well as those which you prefer. Everytime I go to the hacks menu, I get an all white screen for a few seconds and then it sends me back to the main priiloaded screen. How can I solve this issue so I can set my Priiloader hack options.

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    Mine is 4.2e, I got the same problems like yours. You need to replace the contents of your hacks.ini file with the correct contents. You can find the right ones here Preloader/hacks - WiiBrew depending which version is yours. Reinstall your priiloader. It works for me hope it works for you.


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