I've searched for a while and it seems most people have a problem getting the game to work at all, mine is kind of different.

First of all, I use a modchip, though I don't know which one since it was my dad who sent the Wii to get it modded and I have no idea what modchip they installed on it, now to the problem.

I can get it to work, kind of, at random times during gameplay, I will get a green screen that said "An Error Has Occurred, Please Turn Off Your Wii console etc etc", but to get past it I can simply eject the disk, then reinsert it and it will load right where the error occurred. Lik eI said, this happens randomly, sometime I can play flawlessly, other times since the first time I insert the disc the error pops up, other time sin mid-gameplay, but always randomly, which leads em to believe that it might be a dirty lens, by the way, I'm using the DVD9 version of the game, burned to a Memorex DVD+R DL at 4x speed using IMGBurn.

Anyway, after having those small problems I decided to play another game backup of mine, No More Heroes, which had been working perfectly before making the SSBB backup, but today while I played it, the same error popped up, and I was able to get past it the same way, so my question is, is it a dirty lens? Or is my lens dying out on me?