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Thread: please help...neogamma caused brick

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    please help...neogamma caused brick

    I am pretty new at this. i followed all of the steps properly. downgraded 15 restored 15 , removed stub ios. i have 4.2u. I thought everything was perfect. When i loaded neogamma it said i wasnt rinning on ios249 and i didnt know what i was doing i shouldnt run it. I thought i could run it any way. it seemed to work fine, then today when i turned the wii on...i couldn't get a signal. I'm not sure what happened. has anyone ever had a successful hack and the next day brick? any help would or insight would be greatly appreciated. also if anyone knows how to fix it that would be great.


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    Can you switch the Wii on using the Power button on the Wii remote? That's from Red to Green LED, I don't expect you to get it synced.

    Neogamma didn't cause your brick, any banner issues with the channel would have been seen as soon as you rebooted, even a soft boot would show this.

    A black screen Wii is generally only caused by System corruption or bluetooth module/wifi module failure.

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    My remote will turn the red to green LED. what does that mean? i cant understand what i did wrong. after 3 days of trying to remove the stub ios, i finally got it to work. i was never given the chance to remove 249 or 250 for some reason. I then, from the home page load NG7, and it started fine. then it said it was running on a different IOS than 249. I'm not sure what to do. i tried holding reset down and starting but cant get anything. Please help.


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    OK, we can close this thread. it turns out my daughter unhooked the wii for the dvd player and never plugged it back in. WHEW. no brick!

    Thanks for the help though.

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    I'm having the problems Felix thought he was having. I can power on the Wii with the wiimote..what does that mean?

    ANy help would be appreciated

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    Do what he did, plug it into your tv. Otherwise, start your own thread, with some helpful details that may lead to an answer for you.
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