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Thread: Lightscribe DVDs?

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    Lightscribe DVDs?

    Can anyone suggest lightscribe DVDs that work? I have verbatim and they don't work for whatever reason. (i've tried burning at all speeds).

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    thats not a bad question i would like to know aswell if lightscribe dvd are alright to use and if they will cause harm to the wii.

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    I have just recently finished reburning my entire collection to Lightscribe since I originally used paper labels on most of them and noticed partial ejection issues along with reading that it could possible unbalance the drive with labels.

    Did you use -R or +R Verbatim LightScribe? I used Verbatim DVD +R LightScribes from Bestbuy. Not one coaster using ImgBrun at 6x with 120 plus burns. I also used two different PC with two different burners. One Vista with LG burner and one XP with Samsung burner.

    I have a WiiKey which I personally think is more forgiving than most chips with media and burn speeds because I have tried about 6 different media on it so a far and the only fails I have had are HP DVD -R LightScribe which only 2 out 10 worked.

    You may want to try TDK Lightscribe. I have not tried them myself but the TDK DVD -R non lightscibe discs worked great for me with no fails from entire spindle.

    Everything I have read for the most part has said LightScribe is safe. I have seen a post or two that says it could still unbalance the drive but I personally think that is BS.

    Now if somebody would actually start making DL LightScribe for my SSBB disc I would be extremely happy.

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    FYI I used Lightscribe DVD-R's. These are the exact ones that i bought: - Verbatim 4.7GB 16X DVD-R LightScribe 1.2 30 Packs Cake Box Disc - CD / DVD Media
    I also have a D2pro9. Not one worked, at any speeds, which is weird because i've tried several different type of DVD-r's and they all worked.

    Thanks for the info. I'll definitley pick up the bestbuy ones. I'm looking to copy all my games over to lightscribe too, so they can have neat covers.
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    All this fancy techology, i just use a Datawrite dvd/cd pen to put the names on the discs. Causes no hassle what-so-ever :P

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    will these do? im not currently downloading any game or anything but will these work for the upcoming ISO loader?
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    I use the office depot brand DVD-r lightscribes. they work like a charm.

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    Discs work fine for me. DVD-R 4,7 GB PRIMEON Lightscribe 1.2 16x Speed Color Mix Edition in Cakebox 50-pack

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    Good question
    I need to know this before i get a LightScribe DVD Burner

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    Update the firmware of your burner. Mine had problems with verbatim lightscribe too, but now the work perfect.

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