Props go to the following for their steps I used in the making my personal tutorial:

Dogeggs for THIS
Demo777 for THIS
Hackernerd for THIS
gen3sf for THIS

It gets me up and running with all settings preset for the games I have. Including many games that use instruments like GH, DJ Hero etc,

I have done this on about 10 friends Pal Wii's without any issues at all. If you choose to use this tutorial it is at your own risk.

I just thought i'd post my steps as it has all the settings etc pre set for many games in USB Loader GX

What this tutorial doesn't do, is create a NAND Backup.



Format 2GB SD card to FAT 32
Download these files and place on your SD card. RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
Download disk cover images, place in the corresponding images folders(optional)
Format HDD to WBFS and load games: Follow the Formatting the HDD & WBFS Manager - Format Wii Drive and Adding Game ISOs

Installing Home Brew Channel

1. Insert the SD card into Wii
2. Go to Wii Options, then go to Data Management > Channels > SD Card, then you will get a message saying "Load boot.elf?" , select 'Yes' and the Hackmii installer will run.
3. Install Bootmii as boot2 if you can, if not then install it as an IOS then go back and install the Homebrew Channel.

Getting a cIOS

1. Go to Homebrew channel and run Trucha Bug Restorer
2. load IOS36
3. Press 1 (read the warnings)
4. Select 'downgrade IOS15
5. Select to load IOS from SD card then let it do its job (make sure you select 'load from sd card' when it asks & don't get any errors)
6. Run Trucha Bug Restorer again
7. Select to load IOS15 on first screen using dpad left/right
8. Select the IOS36 menu & install patched IOS36 to slot 36, select 'yes' on all 3 patches, (again using IOS from SD card.)
9. Run Trucha Bug Restorer again, load IOS36 and this time select restore IOS15.
10. Run cIOS38 r14 installer
11. Select IOS36 as the one it should use and then select wad installation.
12. Run wad manager 1.4, use default settings (IOS249 & SD card) and install these wads from the 'wad' folder:

IOS60patched (Never uninstall IOS60! You WILL brick)
USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder.wad
cIOS56-64-c5146-rev14.wad (for GH 5)

Then restart your Wii.

OPTIONAL (But Recommended if you have these games)

Guitar Hero 5 & Band Hero

1. Start Home Brew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer
2. Read the warning message and push A
3. Select IOS249 to perform the install with D-pad left/right and push A
4. Select to Install Custom IOS 222 and select Use IOS38 merged with IOS37
(Wait for download from SD and installation to complete)
6. Start Home Brew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer again
7. Select IOS249 "again" to perform the install with D-pad left/right and push A
8. Select Custom IOS 223 and select IOS38 merged with IOS60

Wii Sports Resort

1. Load USB Loader GX and select Wii Sports Resort
2. Go to Settings > Game Load
3. Set Alternate dol to Select Dol
4. You will be prompted with selecting the known correct dol <952> , click YES
5. Set "002 Fix" to YES
6. Save settings, exit settings
7. Start game
8. Watch the (a) Wii Motion Plus video (you may need to watch it all)
9. Press A, and turn off your Wii and then turn it back on.
10. Load USB Loader GX and select Wii Sports Resort
11. Go to Settings > Game Load
12. Set Alternate dol to default
13. Save settings, exit.
14. Load game as normal.

Ashes Cricket

1. Load ashes cricket
2. Let the game start and press A to continue to the create profile screen.
3. Click home and exit game BEFORE clicking create a profile.
4. Go to Wii Options > Data Management > Wii > Save Data > SD > Cricket
5. Copy the save file to the Wii
6. Start game as normal and play the ashes save file.


If any mods have any suggestions for me i'm happy to make some recommended edits.