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Thread: Part of the dvd drive come loss

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    Unhappy Part of the dvd drive come loss


    A friend of me has tryed to mod his wii. But some thing went wrong.
    I don't know exact what he did but i think he has open the DVD-drive.
    This is wrong! He sent me an email with some pictures and ask me to open my wii and look where the part belongs.
    I don't want to open my drive because i know the result.

    Can anyone see what this is and where it belongs? Maybe some pics?

    Thanks in advance.

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    What on earth did he open the DVD drive for.....

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    Today i spoke him, he told me this:

    After putting in the wii-clip with dcpro9v2 he tryed to start wii sports.
    But this was not working, he gets a black screen with a error message that says to remove the dvd and restart the wii.
    The eject button did not work. After restart he got back the same error.
    Then he dicided to open the drive to remove de dvd.
    After that yoy know the storry.

    I think he did not click the wii-clip correct.
    Now it seems the wii is working back without the plastick part and without the wii-clip.

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    it probally goes with all the other white pieces around the DVD drive that help eject the disk.
    that's one hell of a mess =S
    glad it worked out 4 him


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