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Thread: Unable to play Wii Fit Plus from USB Loader

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    Ca Unable to play Wii Fit Plus from USB Loader

    Hi All,

    I brought a pre modded Wii for the kids at christmas it has a D2 Sun chip, I also did the softmod and upgraded to 4.1. So far it has been fantastic I am already building up a nice collection of games on my usb hard drive. I am having problems with Wii fit plus, I have ripped it too my hard drive ok but when I try to load it from USBloader GX the blue dvd light comes on the drive and the Wii locks up requiring power on/off. I also tried Wiiflow as well but that just locks up too. I have burnt a backup dvd from the ripped ISO and that loads ok.

    Can anyone shed any light as too why I cannot play this from my hard drive? It isn't a huge issue if I have to play this from my backup dvd but it would be nice to be able to play from my usb drive

    Many thanks in advance for your help



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    If it black screens you may need to update your IOS
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    If it black screens you may need to update your IOS
    Thank you for the reply, it doesn't blackscreen it just freezes, the funny thing is I tried to extract the IOS with Wii scrubber but when I load the ripped ISO it says that Partition0 - Data (0) (BAD) so I am unable to extraxt the IOS

    I only just did the softmod a week ago so would I be correct in assuming all of the files I installed were the latest version as the RAR file was called Wii Softmod files 121309

    One more thing, how do I find out which IOS's I currently have installed? Is there a limit as too how many can be installed on 1 Wii

    Thank you again for your help
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    Wii Fit not working

    i had a similar problem. it ended up being a bad iso. I found a different one and it works perfectly.

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    I actually have the original copy of Wii Fit Plus, I got it for my wife for Christmas, I can burn a backup dvd from the ripped ISO and it plays but will not play from hard drive, So I have downloaded a version from the UK and it plays OK from the hard drive. I am not sure why this is happening but I got around it in the end :-)

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    I have WiiFitPlus working fine on my old Wii with USBLoaderGX R899 and IOS222v4. However I tried to use the same ISO on a newer Wii with the same versions and all I get is the black screen when loading.

    I reinstalled IOS53 (as per the IOS list) to the latest also downgrading but I just get the black screen either way.

    I suspect if I burn this game and run it from NeoGamma it'll work... I also have problems with Biggest Loser (freezes intro), PGA2010 (freezes intro), and Sports Resort (black screen).

    All of these games worked in Neogamma. Although Biggest Loser was buggy on NTSC. I now have a PAL version which is working fine in my loader.
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    I actually got Biggest Loser working. I got a different version in PAL. It is working on IOS249 R18 with a base of 57.

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    This isn't working for me and I installed IOS53 already. :/

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    I can tell you on 4.1U following Dogegg's 3.1-4.1 any wii guide for me it works perfectly (yes, store bought along with the wonderful weight scale). Your post is a little fail in that System Menu/region Wii isn't described, nor whether you followed a wiihacks guide (not to mention the utter fail in describing WHAT it does or doesn't do; resets? blackscreens? makes faces at you --- what?

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