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Thread: WiiKey 2 firmware/update

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    WiiKey 2 firmware/update

    I have a WiiKey 2 modded wii. I can't remember if mine is a D2C or D2E. I recently got a burned copy of NSMB and one a previoulsy thread I was told to update my firmware to 1.3. I did and NSMB worked but now my EA Sports Active which is a PAL does not read. I wasn't sure why that happened so I figured Id see what others thought. I had only played Sports Active couple time and liked it for an alt to wii fit.

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    Is your system Pal or NTSC? because when you ran the update disc it might have disabled out of region games, put the update disc back in and run it again, this will now run the config settings for the chip, make sure you have out of region games enabled, and if all goes well you should be all set.
    Good Luck


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