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Thread: USB hard disk + Wii speak. Problems ?

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    USB hard disk + Wii speak. Problems ?

    Hi all.

    I'm currently running a 4.1 console with a Passport 250 WD hard disk (USB of course) without any problem.

    I know that someone had to change USB port because the voltage was not enough for the HD to work.

    I am going to purchase a Wii speak to use with friends; I was wondering if there could be some kind of problem adding this second USB peripheral to the console.

    Also, what if I would then also add a webcam (i.e. to run Your Shape from Ubisoft) or another USB hardware ? Do USB hubs work with the console ?

    Many thanks

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    I'm unsure about USB Hubs, though I was only thinking about this this morning. To get an external DVD drive to run, so I wouldn't need to worry about ruining the Wii's laser when running GC backups (as I read I could do this, but I'm still unsure if GameCube backups will read through an external DVD drive).

    Additionally, my HDD that I use is a 320GB Verbatim, and is powered through both USB ports. As for getting USB Hardware to run alongside a HDD, you will need to install Hermes cIOS 222/223. Then it *should* run. For more information on Hermes, click here.

    Hope that helps
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    I have a usb powered verbatim drive in the bottom usb port, and wii speak in the top port, and both work fine. not sure about adding a hub though. I just need some half decent wii speak compatible games now....


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