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Thread: Playing Gamecube Games on the wii

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    Playing Gamecube Games on the wii

    Ok My wii has the drivekey modchip in it and it is also softmodded using the 4.1 guide listed on this site.

    I was wondering, is it also softmodded to play gamecube games? I just started downloaded them. How does one burn it and play it? Is it the same method with wii games? or do I need some another channel for that?

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    I'm unsure how hardmods interfere (if at all) with GameCube Backups as my Wii is softmodded only. But anyway, I could explain, but it's all been explained before, as such I will give credit to Stomp_442 and link this:

    Getting GameCube Backups to Work on YOUR Wii
    4.1E - Priiloader 0.3b - bootmii as IOS - cIOS 38 r15 - Triiforce MRC v.7 - MPlayer CE v.0.76 - Configurable USB Loader v.48 - WiiFlow v1.1 - SanDisk 2GB SD - 320GB Vertabim HDD
    Please remember to hit if I've been of any assistance to you.

    Playing Backups from USB
    Playing WiiWare and VC Games off of USB/SD


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