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Thread: 1 tb sd cards

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    1 tb sd cards

    I dont know where it is but I saw a 1tb (terabyte) sd card it was posted on a psp fourm. google it.

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    Why can't you google it and post the link :P
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    I googled it, didn't check the video, just C&P'd the link . No idea if it's fake or not, as I said, never watched the video
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    wouldn't existing hardware of the present day, not be compatible for anything higher than 16 & 32 micro and sd anyways?
    like wii's, digital cameras, psp's, etc's?

    If it worked for wii, id buy a tb and no need for hard drive to store all these games. so sweet.

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    You're right, it almost certainly would not be compatible with current devices. But it would probably be like SD vs SDHC. They will have sdxc devices that can read old cards, but the new sdxc wont work in old devices

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    Yes you are right in saying that it would bot be revers compatible, at least not with out a software update. Updates for devices like wii or and smartphone would be available with in 2 months. Expecting software updates for the majority of pocket cameras would be asking for too much.


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