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Thread: problem wii freezing

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    Ca problem wii freezing

    hi everyone (sorry if my english is poor i'm french lol )i want to mod my wii and use usb loader to play backup games but i have a problem i have follow de tutorials New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii found in the tutorial menu to mod my wii and everything was ok .So after that i have check other tutorials to have a good idea on how to install usb loader gx.I have see that i need to install cIOS 36 rev 10,cIOS 38 rev 16 and some place they said i need Hermes cIOS 222.So i install cIOS 36 rev 10 succesfully .Right after that i've tried to install cIOS 38 rev 16 but my wii freeze.No black screen or anything the music still running (\m/ yeah !!! lol)and the light of my wiimote disapear but nothing happen and i left it like this more than 20 minutes to see if it will load.So i have tried other apps like wad manager or reinstall cIOS rev. 10 but everytime i press A the wii freeze and i have to press power button .So i format my SD card 3 times same thing .Thinking it was my SD card (because at a moment i was no able to put or remove anything because it was protected and after it became ok)i have buy a new one the same brand as the old (Kingston 2gb)but same problem again .I even tried to restore with my NAND but Bootmii's simulation said i was dangerous because it don't see any NAND.So i want to know what's wrong and if i was good to install this after the first tutorial.My wii is 3.4u LU65 but upgraded 4.1 after the New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii tutorials and if nothing can be done how i can restore my wii virgin and restart all the work . Sorry for my english again lol

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    i have try anutitle deleter but same thing when i press A it's freezing any idea please ??? if i format by my wii menu it is dangerous ??? pleeeeease help !!!!


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