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Thread: HDD for the Wode

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    HDD for the Wode

    Hi everyone,

    Just like all you, i want a new external HDD for my wode, so im curently browsing special in Futureshop, Bestbuy.

    And i saw i nice special on the Seagate 500 GO external HD (not the portable version) In the flyer of FutureShop 8-14 JAN. Anyway i don't want the portable version because it can not have n'off power from the WODE and not boot, so to be safe i will use self powered HDD.

    Anyone have seen good deal in the Canada/Montreal area ?

    What are you going to use ?

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    Look in tiger
    for HDD and other hardware...I've gotten some great prices there.

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    I picked up a 1.5 Terabyte drive at Fry's Electronics for $99 several weeks ago.

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    try cosco they sell WD my-books 500g & 1TB & they are good for returns, I tossed mine hehe ok I whipped it and it "suddenly" stopped working then I returned it no problem.

    good check list
    Google: USB_Devices_Compatibility_List wiki.gbatemp.n.. it tells you if the drive works with homebrew & usb loader in case you want some brew with your wode

    I'm going to cosco tomorrow to see for a HD for my wodeoleehehoo
    yes I got my tracking # today should be here Friday maybe even tomorrow.

    I will post my find & if someone has had issues with the my book 500g or 1tb let us know. with wode or not

    ps: some cosco's carry stuff others don't

    firewire would be nice for those big transfers.
    Go get them cougars, Tiger & givem wood

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    The toshiba portables are reliable drives. I am not sure if they are compatible or not, but they are well worth the money. is a very reputable vendor as well.

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    ok wode is in went to cosco & they got like 3-or4 brands from 250gig to 2tb
    I picked up a seagate 500gb expansion external HD 3.5" & external power not sure of the rpm but it was $59 bucks Canadian. $149 for a 1.5tb the 2tb was to much.

    gone to format my drive & install wode
    Go get them cougars, Tiger & givem wood


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