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Thread: help me softmod pls

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    help me softmod pls


    my brother has a wii that has the wiiflow channell on it and a hard drive with 120ish (that he paid someone $250 for and i have no more money to buy this) i just bought a wii and have been trying for a week to get this channel on my wii ive tried and tried and tried again ive gone through the steps provided by
    and then tried to install the channell from
    WiiFlow USB Loader - Downloads
    with no luck whatsoever
    so i have yet again tried starting over wondering if theere is something i missed

    if anyone has a step by step tutorial on doing this for 4.2 from start to working finish that would be greatly appriciated

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    Go look in the guides section, no need to ask about this sort of thing when the section is clearly labeled guides.


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