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Thread: Pikmin 2 on NTSC.

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    Pikmin 2 on NTSC.

    Hi everyone.

    Recently I got a backup of Pikmin 2 New Play Control, for the wii. However, upon trying to make it work on my NTSC Console, I discovered a black-greenish screen.

    Researching around, I found out this game was only released in Europe, and thus, can't be forced to NTSC since it only has PAL coded in it. My question is: Does anyone know of any program or application I can use to patch, or convert the PAL signal delivered by the game to NTSC before it leaves the wii? Or basically a program that does the equivalent, and enables me to play Pikmin 2?

    I've read around about NeoGamma and USB Loader GX, they have an option called Auto-Patch or something, but I'm not quite sure how it works. Besides, when using it, I get a black screen (on usb loader) or a black&white jumpy screen (as a PAL game on NTSC tv)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Im afraid there is no way to have Pikmin 2 (PAL Wii version) to be perfectly playable on NTSC Wii, there is only NTSC Gamecube version (where you need to have GC controller) which you can get here
    (if forum dont work, like now, try it later)
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    Thank you. Yes I thought so as well... It's a shame because I'm sure it's nice to control the pikmin with the wiimote and such. x.x Oh well.

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