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Thread: USB Loader GX / HBC Views

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    USB Loader GX / HBC Views

    1. In Usb Loader GX you can set the view so that you can see 3 rows of games on the screen by using one of the arrows on the wii remote. This reverts back to just 1 line when you come out of the loader is there a way to retain this setting?

    2. Hbc - If you press the number 2 in the hbc it puts the icons in rows accross the screen, again the setting isn't kept when you come out of the hbc, is this possible to save this setting?


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    1. Navigate to SD:\config (or wherever your GX files are stored on the SD card) and open GXGlobal.cfg in a text editor. Try changing gridrows = 3. That work?

    2. Not to my knowledge, though it would be nice.
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    Grid rows is already set to 3 so looks like the answer is no. Could this be a suggestion for the future please.........


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