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Thread: What mod chip will work on my wii?

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    What mod chip will work on my wii?

    What mod chip will work on my wii?
    Here is some info on my wii:



    I have already bought a mod chip, but i guess it was too new for my wii so i tried cutting the lines i was told to cut to make it work on older wiis. I guess i did it wrong, can i still exchange my mod chip? Bought from, D2PRO9 rev 2.0 with WiiClip v4C Presoldered. - for D2C & D2C2. It was like 100$ but i guess they lowered their prices now. Maybe i should just send my wii to someone to get it modded, suggestions, people i can trust? Thanks for the answers.

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    we can do the install for you...what is ur serial number? for faster assitance you can always add us on msn


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