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Thread: Help! Custom ios installation! and more

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    Exclamation Help! Custom ios installation! and more

    Hello! I creat a account here, because a frind told me that here i can get some help, about hack for nintendo wii,
    Well this is my problem:

    -I Have install the Homebrew channel, and the neogamma( this is suppuse to play backup games right?) well when i wana to play a game, its appear and error, IOS249 IS NOT INSTALL.

    -Well, i donot know why this problem appear, but my console is a LU66, i buy it on december last year, My wii version is 3.4U.

    -I use a hack for install homebrew channel for version 3-4.1, and also y use bootmii, or something like that for install the homebrew channel, using a SD CARD.

    -For install this stuffs, I use the Wad Installation, I donot wana to use the internet on my wii.

    -I have search about this hack, and tutorials, and they say that i need applications, some of them are like cIOS INSTALL, or something like, and more but i canot remember of this names, so please guys, i need help!

    Please if someone of you guys, can tell me the applications that i need for my ninnteno wii, for play back up games, whit neogamma, and when i can dowload it! i will be happy! please help!

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    Sounds like you need to go to the guides section and look for the 3.1-4.1 softmod guide. Skip the homebrew part since you have that, but do everything else in order. This is all I can really make out from the info you have given, otherwise it is really hard to understand what you mean.

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    Link just in case needed for a newb

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