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Thread: Mortal Kombat 3 wad help?

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    Mortal Kombat 3 wad help?

    Hi, im looking for a mortal kombat 3 snes wad (pal). However the only one i can find is ntsc-u. I'm new to all this and was just wondering whether I can change the wad from ntsc-u to pal without messing about with my wii.

    Any help would be great thanks.

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    try this How to use "FreeTheWad" on Command Prompt Guide - its freethewad that will change the wad to regiofree.
    if you don`t understand some words used in forum for wii then check out my wii dictionary

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    I tried using that link you gave. But it didn't work... probably just me and not the app. I did find one from a page on here the WADRegion Converter. It said that the wad was already region free but i 'changed' it anyway just to try.

    The wad loaded fine but when i came to try it out it just froze before it could even say will need classic controller.

    Is this just a bad wad or have I done something wrong?

    If it is a bad wad does anyone know where I can get a good one?

    Thanks for your help anyway zofia


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