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Thread: Looking for a mod installer

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    Looking for a mod installer

    I'm looking for a wii mod installer in Los Angeles California to install my wii mod chip. Does anybody know one?

    Here's the information of my wii from the wii tracker
    Your Drive Chip is most likely GC2-D2B
    Your Drive Pins are most likely not cut

    Thanks in advance
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    dude, i live in SoCal. I don't know of a good installer here. I researched this forum and found this guy . he's in Florida but after reading and seeing pictures of his work, i'm convinced he's the right guy for this job. the day he received my Wii, he modded it, and that same night he shipped it out.. that was actually just last night. He also emailed me a bunch of pictures of my Wii opened with the chip installed. I'll have more/better feedback once i get it sometime this week. All the info written in the link above about him and his work is true. He communicated to me before, while modding, and after shipping back with a confirmation tracking number. i know someone who had his Wii modded locally here in the valley but he's not able to play dual-layer games like ssbb. Mine, according to spiktsu, tested and worked fine with ssbb.

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    why don't you try gmodz? They might not be in california but they are all over the united states and closer than florida.

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    hm... GMODZ as far as i know is in CANADA...

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    I too would like to find someone to install the mod on my new wii. Anybody around Oregon? I think GModz is in Canada.

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    yes we are in canada but take units from all over the states....instead of shipping unit out you can buy a chip presoldered to a clip like the d2pro9 or wasabi 2 and then you can just do it urself. If you are not comfortable then you can send it to us

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    I'm located in PA. I've got pleny of refs on xbox-scene as well as WiiNewz. I also do all installation work myself, I don't sub-contract my installs.
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