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Thread: Nand Restore without bootmii??

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    Nand Restore without bootmii??

    I have Bootmii as IOS and its risky so is there another app to nand restore?

    4.2U wii with priloader

    i want to do it because everytime i click a channel and browse left or right (switch banners) i get a semi brick/ banner brick message i tryed removing all wads and got rid of my theme bassicaly virgined my wii and still it happens..

    so can someone tell me another NAND restoreing app? or a way to fix this thing?

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    why not use Bootmii to make a nand backup?
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    Quote Originally Posted by new2wii View Post
    Did you use your priiloader to try and make a nand backup?

    No bootmii as ios can do nand backups but its" risky " to do soo and i aint much of a risk taker if i know theres a full brick chance of happeing

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    I'm pretty new to all this, but I made a NAND backup through the Bootmii IOS and it worked fine.

    If I remember correctly, they say restoring a NAND through the IOS is risky...

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    Making a nand backup with bootmii installed as an ios isnt risky. When you install bootmii as a boot2, and then you have bootmii on the sd card, and you turn on your wii it will go directly into bootmii. So if you have a nand backup, you can restore it, or if you have other problems, you can get into homebrew channel and try to fix things. If the wii doesnt let you install bootmii as a boot2, then you cant do any of that stuff.

    But, you still should use bootmii to backup your nand, and than install something like priiloader, that way if you get bricked, you can boot into priiloader, and then go into bootmii and restore your nand or do whatever you need to do to fix the wii.

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    The problem of doing a nand backup from bootmii in ios is the backup will overwrite itself in the process. so theres a good chanch it wont be able to finish doing the restore therfore leaving your wii in a worse state. however it may work becaus everything to get the wii work may be written before bootmii ios overwrites itself and bobs ur uncle. the problem is its so risky i dont think too many people have tryed it so theres very little info.

    on the other hand everything i've written here could be crap as im still learning myself lol

    edit: to answer your first question in you have the backup you can do with a peice hardware, a nand reflasher. but you would need to way up the cost of that against sending it nintendo and paying them to fix it!
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    I thought the NAND backup dumps right to the bootmii folder on the SD card. I could see how doing a restore from Bootmii would overwrite itself and theoretically cause problems....

    I appreciate further clarification!

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    it does copy it to the sd card which you would then copy to your computer to keep safe. you would then put it back onto the sd card and use bootmii to rstore it or use the data to reflash the nand chip with the hardware. first and formost you needd to have the nand dump!

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    ok, gottcha. So, backing up from the Bootmii IOS doesn't endanger your system. Just possibly restoring from IOS is not recommended. The recommended restoral process would be to use priiloader to load HBC/Bootmii and then dump the NAND back on the system from there...

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    no it still would be running as an ios. unless you were able to install it as boot 2(which a portion of the wii which loads before the system menu) you prob cant restore you nand backup. there is other threads on here which say the same thing, bootmii as ios is no good for restore however that may change in the future!

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