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Thread: Problems with channel forwarders

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    Problems with channel forwarders

    I see quite a few people are having a dilemma with the channel forwarders. These new updates to the emulators I think are causing these problems. My current problems are with the snes and scummvm emulators. Everything is labeled right and when I try to point to the roms on the snes I get no usb data found. I have only troythezombies forwarders and the nes one works fine. The problem with scummvm is when I click on the channel and load it it goes to a black screen telling me "press any button to restart your wii." So what is the problem? Everything works under homebrew perfectly and the nes forwarder works. Is it the wad forwarder that is programmed incorrectly?

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    I've found that issue to occur when using an SDHC card. I didn't have the problems with the SD card, but when I switched to SDHC the forwarders had issues. A lot of forwarders have been updated to work with SDHC cards now, so it's just a matter of finding one that works.

    I'm not sure if that's your specific situation, but that's where I've come across that error myself.

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    I forgot to mention that I am solely loading everything from a usb hdd not sd card in my wii.

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    Never dealt with a HDD when it came to emulators but I do know that you need to have a forwarder thats SDHC compatable in order to get them to work properly with SDHC cards. And updating the emulator when its loaded will not affect the forwarder at all because the path to the application itself never changes. Now if you had the channel without the forwarder, then you would run into problems when updating.
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    The only discrepancy I see with the scummvm folder is the boot.elf file? Should this boot.dol? The nes and snes ones are boot.dol but my snes one does not work.


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