The reason I don't think it works is simple. I think my kids have slightly bent pins on there card reader the have issues with other games as well. The difference I notice is that the ds games have plastic slits between each contact on the game with helps make sure the pins line up with the contact, the acdkard doesn't have this which means the pins are probably lining up on non contact points and why it won't read it. I think they bent the pins by putting games in backwards and trying to force them in, it only takes one time for this to occur. I bought my son the exact same card and the same firmware when I bought his ds last year and it worked great but he has lost his memory card since then. The games my daughter has issues with generally have the plastic dividers that are messed up pretty bad so I am sure that is the issue. My question is what flash card is a solid flash card that will have these same plastic dividers between each contact on the ds card themselves to help the pins line up. My other thought process is on replacing there card reader slots how hard is this to do and does anyone have a tutorial anywhere I am decent at soldering.