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Thread: WTB: Wii Remote, (2) Wii Nun-chucks, (2) motion plus

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    Us WTB: Wii Remote, (2) Wii Nun-chucks, (2) motion plus

    Looking for a good deal on Wii Remotes/Nun-chucks/Motion Plus.

    Just bought a new Wii that only came with Wii remote. The price will determine how many I buy... looking to own up to 4 remotes and nunchucks, but only want 2 motion plus.

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    ive just recived a black remote and nunchuck off ebay for 15.99 new in box's from china and they work great, i also got 2 motion pluses with silicon jackets for 26 good deal for me as wii remotes are around 30 over here and nunchucks around 15 them the motion pluses are 20 each

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    I don't think that's a great deal, plus I would like to stay in the US. I would even take used ones.


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