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Thread: Error -1 when installing any wads with working softmod

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    Error -1 when installing any wads with working softmod


    I followed this guide to softmod my 4.2E Wii:

    Wii 4.2E softmod tutorial. Easy to follow guide.

    The process went fine apart from installing cIOS223[38+37]-v4.wad which gave me error -1035. Once I had finished I went back into WAD Manager and tried again to install it and got error -1. According to the error list this means:

    (a) there's a problem with the wad
    (b) there's a problem with the SD card
    (c) there's a with cIOS not being installed correctly

    Since other wads installed previously during the softmod I'm assuming (b) is not the case. Later I installed USB Loader GX, and the wad installer for that failed with the same error -1, as did the installation of the forwarder wad. I ran USB Loader GX anyway, formatted my USB HDD, installed a game and it worked perfectly.

    Soooo, in summary:

    1. The softmod appears to be working in that I can launch games from USB
    2. There seems to be a problem with cIOS (?) which is preventing me from installing any more wads
    3. I'm a bit worried that this will cause problems later on if I need to update anything

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

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    For anyone else having this problem, the solution appears to be this:

    wad manager error



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