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Thread: Any WiFi Hacks to Log into AT&T WiFi?

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    Any WiFi Hacks to Log into AT&T WiFi?

    So here's the deal...

    I have WiFi on my home LAN, but don't really care for the idea of connecting such a poorly secured device (like my daughter's DS Lite) to our LAN -- and she wants connectivity with the Wii and the Internet. So, I have to default to WEP encryption, which is just really weak from a security standpoint.

    HOWEVER, I might have an alternative if I can figure out how to connect to AT&T WiFi in our area.

    We have an account that allows us to login at all those many McDonald's and Starbucks -- but it requires a browser login (username password) before you can get through their firewall.

    I can see the access point with both the DS and the Wii, but have no luck at all connecting (because of the browser login requirement). I have the Internet channel on the Wii (pretty cool!), and thought that maybe, I could set up the wireless connection with the AT&T SSID, and then connect with the Internet channel, log in and go -- that would take care of the Wii at least. No such luck.

    I setup to do everything but test the connection (knowing that the connection will fail if I can't login). I go to the Internet channel, and it tells me I need to have a fully active connection before I can start the Internet channel. That takes me back to square one.

    Any ideas? And, any ideas to connect the DS? Is there a way to connect to the AT&T access point with a wireless router, and then use that somehow to bridge the access point and connect both devices?

    I've looked all over, done all kinds of Google and forum searches, and find nothing that would help me on this. ANY good suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm just trying to avoid connecting through my LAN.


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    Buy another wireless router and have it as WEP. Set it not to be public. Give it some long-ass random WEB key. Configure it to only be allowed for the Wii's and the DS's Mac Address.

    Use the other router as a secured connection for your comp and stuff.

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