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Thread: Information req b4 attempting homebrew.

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    Information req b4 attempting homebrew.

    Hi all,
    and a happy new year to you,

    Well, the brotherinlaw decided to buy a wii for he's boy, (& he's boy is quite content playing with the box it came in).

    He has asked me if its poss to install homebrew with the intent to be able to use -dvdr disks.

    I've never had a wii and probably never will, so this is purely a favor for him, after reading many many sites and reading about bricked units, this doesn't seem a totally foolproof way of doing things, but i just wanted to ask a couple of questions, if thats okay,

    1 Is it absolutely a requirement to need a nintendo gamepad to install homebrew.

    2 I was under the impression that all that was required was the necessary software installed onto a sd card, and then simply follow the onscreen instructions.

    He is going to let me know what version of firmware is installed on he's wii but considering it's newness its probably 4.2,

    I came across this here and the instructions seemed fairly clear

    and if he is on 4.2, to get this Hack pack 4.2 sys menu 11122009.rar

    and to follow the instructions.

    apart from bricking the unit is there anything else i would need to worry about.

    much appreciated for any help given..


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    1 - Technically no, it is used for the BootMii part of the installation and it is used as an alternative to using the power, eject and reset buttons to navigate through the BootMii menu.

    2 - True but Wi-fi internet access (via a router) is required if you need to update to System to 4.1.

    3 - Bricking can really only occur when lack of knowledge is evident. Read read and read again until you fully understand what you are doing, if one is riddled with ambiguity and self doubt one can easily fail at any task in life.
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    1. You mean a gamecube controller? It's not required to install homebrew but can be helpful in different situations.

    2. Follow the 3.1-4.1 guide or the 4.2 guide, correct. The 4.2 guide has many more downloads than the one you've linked, however. Use the packs it instructs.

    If the console is newer (September'ish '09 or later) there's a strong chance it has a D3-2 chip which will prevent it from playing back non-original disc media. If this is the case your brother-in-law will have to load from usb, as there's no workaround for this yet.
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    Thumbs up sure

    That pack looks fine,

    The main things you need for your goal are:
    Cios :Hermes 222 or Waninkokos 38 rev 16
    Homebrew channel
    Some loader : Neogamma R7 or R8 (channel maybe convenient)

    I also recommend you stay far from CIOScorp, this is a hard core hack and changes almost everything.

    Finally I recommend you install Priiloader or Preloader and apply the appropriate hack to "disable disk updates". (Make sure it is compatible with 4.2 first though).

    There is allot of things that needed to be done in between though (IOS 15 downgrade and IOS 36 patch) but just post if you need help!

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    Thank you all for the replies...
    yes chaps i did wonder about the D3-2 chip, as the unit was only purchased about 2 months ago.

    I Have decided to limit myself to what i am willing to do considering the unit does not belong to me, (and asking my brother in law, to sign a disclaimer probably won't wash).

    I Have d/l all of the software from the
    pages. and prepared a 2gb sdcard formatted to fat16.

    wifi internet access is not a problem.

    I did have the opportunity to ask him the model and serial numbers, model was rvl/001 and serial began with leh27 so at least it isn't LU64/65.

    I think the major problem may be in that he has a bad habit of updating anything & everything so this could cause a serious problem for me.
    He has told me he had already been online with the unit, and after accepting some form of eula, he was given the opportunity to update the unit which he did.

    when i find out what ver of f/w he has I'll post back,



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