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Thread: DVD error 1053 on new DVD-R

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    Question DVD error 1053 on new DVD-R

    Hey, im quite new to hacking the wii and stuff.
    Just recently softmodded my 4.2u wii using the "Full Hacking guide for system menu 4.2u"
    I got some backups and they worked fine in imation DVD-Rs .
    I heard from many that Verb's DVD-rs are the best, so i got a pack of 50.
    however, when i try running a backup(in a new verb dvd) in NeoGamma R8 , I get the DVD Error 1053. My old imation discs work fine.
    Please help!!!! If theres a method of burning of something so that could get rid of the error or a better backup launcher.

    Neogamma R8
    cIOS Rev 14 installed into IOS249

    *I tried another backup too. Did'nt work*
    *I dont think this happend to anyone else. most people's problems were the drive*
    *Im new to this forum so if this is already a post please forgive me*

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    make sure you're burning at a very slow speed. Try 2x. Also, try burning your iso onto one of the brand discs that you know work to make sure it's not a bad iso.

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