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Thread: Drive Key / SoftMod for 4.2U / NeoGamma R7 questions

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    Drive Key / SoftMod for 4.2U / NeoGamma R7 questions


    Here is my story. I have a very old Wii and it the firmware was never updated due to lack of internet con. I ordered and installed the Drive Key for my Wii. See I have a NTSC Wii but live in Germany (PAL Country) and wanted to play PAL games from the UK. It worked on older games but for Christmas I got a NTSC version of Wii Resort when I started it it updated my Wii firmware to 3.4U. Once updated the Drive Key did not play my PAL games. Without thinking about it I updated my Wii firmware to 4.2U. With my Drive Key not working I Softmodded my Wii with the HomeBrew software. Everything seems to be in order so I tried to use Neogamma R7 to load my Original Pal version of Rock Band. I have used several different settings and I either get a Blue or Black screen that forces me to hard power cycle my Wii. Does anyone know how to configure Neogamma to play my PAL games on my NTSC? Can I update my firmware on my Drive Key to use on Wii 4.2? I guess downloading games and using a USB loader is my best shot.

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    Most loaders come with the option to force Ntsc in the region settings. Some games may require additional workarounds to get them to work. Try something easy to get the region settings correctly then if the other games that should work still won't, they could be bad iso's or need other steps taken.

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