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Thread: updating Wii

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    updating Wii

    I thought that i had updated my wii to 4.1 but I think i am mistaken. This is because when I go to the wii settings and look at the version it says 3.1U. So when I use the firmare updater in my HBC it downloads everything, but when it has to install system menu 4.1U it gives an error (ret = -1036) which according to the error index is because IOS60 was not installed properly. So I was going to install it, but I cannot because I have a version of priiloader on my wii and I do not want to brick my wii. So how do i uninstall the priiloader so that I can install the IOS60?

    Thanks in advance.

    -Error index-

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    You need the PriiLoader installation files on your SD Card. When you have them, go to the HBC and click on PriiLoader. There should be an option to uninstall PriiLoader.


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