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Thread: Is there an app for homebrew that lets me backup a game to the hard drive? cant find.

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    Is there an app for homebrew that lets me backup a game to the hard drive? cant find.

    I have a bunch of burned backups I wannt to put on my hard drive I know theres a guide for this here I remember seeing it but for the life of me i cant find the bloody thing

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    Get a usbloader like usbloadergx and when in that program, stick the disc in it should pop up asking if you want to install the game, if it doesnt pop up, you click the little + button along the bottom and and install it to your hdd

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    thank you, I cant find this program tho, and also, is it a windows or a wii program? could someone please ost a link? I cant find it at wiibrew and i cant find it here, google isnt making this easy getting strange results
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    Before i give more info, you did mean you want to back up to an External HDD right? if you meant back up directly to your PC the only way i'm aware of is having a very specific LG dvd drive which they don't make anymore to read the discs

    USBloadergx is for the Wii and installs games to an external HDD

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    I want to back up from my wii to an external usb hard disk drive , I just found usb loader ^^ also, must the drive be formated to wbfs ?

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    Yar, but the usbloader will format it for you when you first load it up

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    thankies very much n.n! : huggs for you and thanks!!

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    Unless however you wish to setup your HDD in a different manner, in which case you will have to do this manually in Windows. There are benefits to doing it manually.
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