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Thread: New wii please help

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    New wii please help

    Hi i just got a wii for christmas it was never really expected cause i already have a ps3. So i heard from my cousin about softmodding cause he softmodded his wii. So i went looking and i found this site and tried around 2 guides. Both were for wii's with 4.2. After trying to softmod i had no luck and was unable to get anywhere but i do have homebrew channel. So i bought a drivekey from canadamods. I was just wondering if it will work with my wii because i heard alot about it not working with newer wii's and after checking the canadamods site i saw that it wont work on d3-2 drives and i dont know if my wii has that or whatever so please any help would be appreciated. Like if you know how i can cancel my order or softmod my wii if possible please help or if the drivekey will work. oh my serial number starts with LU72 if thats anyhelp.
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    first open youre wii and determine what drive you have,
    go to this site and compare youre drives
    Wii Drive Chip Database scroll down and you will find some pictures

    if its a d3-2 then you wil not be able to play dvd-r.
    first option is to softmod and use usb loader or similar.
    second option is replay drive or drive motherboard with a older one (like d2c) and install drivekey.

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    If you replace the Wii drive (optical DVD drive) with an older style one (or just the motherboard for it) will it still work with newer Wiis then? i.e. There is no hardware tieing the new Wiis to the new style optical drive mobos?

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    no there is not. you can replace the drive no probs.I
    would really search for the dbest all you can about different chips.The replacement drives are pretty cheap too,so you can't go wrong.Also mod central sells drives that are pre modded thats the easiest solution.good luck.

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    i got a wii online and after ups threw it across the country it wouldnt read any nintendo fixed it and now im trying to get a drivekey to wont play any burnt discs.after 2 days of reading i finally found that my wii has the d3-2 chipset,the 1 with no markings on it.but the site i bought the drivekey from says it will work with the d3-2.but gizmo1908 says it wont and i need a diffrent drive.or will it just not read the -r discs that im using?i called the company and they will give me another drivekey but they also said that all chipsets have markings on them and he didnt know what to tell me about mine not having do i try a diffrent type of disc?or return it,wait a week or so and try it again?or try it on a buddys wii and sell it 2 him if it works and get a diffrent modchip?
    btw i am using the same iso's that works on another older modded wii,burnt on the same disc and pc, so i think its safe to say that my prob. is with the drivekey. anybody got any ideas?

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    @marco-if you decide to replace the Wii Drive, make sure that the drive comes with the PCB-the printed circuit board with the chipset-some vendors just sell the drive and you would still be stuck with the D3-2 chipset. Mke sure of the chipset provided with the DVD drive-also some vendors can just sell you the PCB with old chipset-the Wii Drive is OK in your Wii-it's just taking orders from the D3-2 chip-replace that only is alos an option.

    You can just softmod and play from an external USB HDD-advantages-no need to get up and change game discs and the games load and play faster. If you are a chipmod fan-hardware options are the WODE and the SunDriver-both are chipmods that use a HDD solution.

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    if you want to know for sure, take a look at the number on the yellow sticker on the pcb.
    if it starts with an 'F' you have the d3-2, if it starts with a 'E' you have the d3 (nothing).

    you can always change the pcb of the drive, with a d2c or some kind
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