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Thread: Wii Priiloader always load when starting Wii....

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    Wii Priiloader always load when starting Wii....

    Hi guys. For some reason the Priiloader always loads when I power up the wii. Preferably, I don't want taht because I'm scared that someone like my 4 year old daughter makes some irreparable damage to the Wii.

    It never loaded the Priiloader before except that today I downloaded a game which is wii sport resort here : [Wii]Wii_Sports_Resort[NTSC][] (download torrent) - TPB

    It's the first game that when I start to load it, it does not work, just resets the Wii. Someone posted this so it works on Neogamma :

    HTML Code:
    @GuitarGuy44, have you set the alt.dol settings to disc and then changed the .dol file to "Player.dol" and watched the Wii motion + video yet? If not, do that and it should work from there.
    Also, thank you so much! Been wanting this. Confirmed working on menu 4.2U with NeoGamma R7 :)

    I think since I tried to load up the game with Usb loader GX, my priiloader always loads when starting the wii.

    Do you guys know how to fix it so when I start the wii, it goes directly to the wii menu and not the Priiloader??

    Thanks again!

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    Just change the the auto start setting in Priiloader to start the system menu.

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    I do know that was an issue/bug with preloader after version 1.0.. I know because I had the same issue, Someone told me to uninstall the newer one and install version 1.0.. After i did that I no longer had the problem of it always booting into the preloader menu.

    I'll try and find the link for ya..

    ***** I found the link, credit goes to hypedblank
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