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Thread: Lego Rock Band Wii

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    Thumbs down Lego Rock Band Wii

    Im really sorry if I've posted this in the wrong area...please let me know if I did! THANKS!!!

    Hi!....I'm new to Wii and soft modding (I did it and 2 games that I've burned work great)....but I've downloaded the Lego Rock Band game and I get a split second green screen and then it goes black and doesn't do anything. I have to unplug it to get anything going again. I did some research and found this website Wii Backup Compatibility List NTSC - Wii that said the following about the game:

    Lego Rock Band Works Yes/No NTSC-U & PAL at the least works for me with cios rev 15 and softchip

    Im not really sure what cios rev 15 means...if someone could help me out..? THANKS!!!

    **I'm using neogamma if that matters....

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    Well kmw85, you did mention which were the 2 other games you burnt. As far as Lego RB, I run it using Wiiflow(under IOS249) and it works just fine, now, to need to make sure you have IOS222/223 installed and at least one of them is a merge between IOS38 and 37, only that one runs RB2 and sync the instruments, any other combination will not sync the instruments.

    Good luck!

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