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Thread: Trucha Bug Restorer help

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    Trucha Bug Restorer help

    need help please when i go to

    done the downgrade iso15 no probs its the next stage im stuck on

    load ios15
    install patched ios36
    install ios to slot: 36
    patch hash check (trucha): yespatch nand permission no

    then i download ios from nus

    loads up fine then asked to press A to install

    i get this message below can anyone [please help me i aint got a clue what to do thanks

    ES_addtitlestart returned: -2011
    you need to use iso with trucha bug
    thats what the iso15 downgrade is good for...
    ios36 installation failed
    press any key to continue

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    Where did you get your IOS36 from?

    Sounds like it is a patched version, try and get a differnet IOS36 (unpatched version) and try again.
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