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Thread: USB Loader GX Error

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    Question USB Loader GX Error

    G'day all i have been using USB Loader GX for a while now no problems and i woke up today and booted it up and i get this error

    Reloading into ios 236
    IOS 236 not found. Reloading into 36
    Starting up
    Initializing controllers
    Initialize USB (wake up)

    And it doesnt do anything

    What has happend

    I am using a 4.0e patched to 4.2e


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    Oh i figured it out... it was a game that i played last night. it crashed when i loaded it b4 i went to bed so it must of been the problem.

    Anyhow i put hardrive into pc and deleted that game and pluged backinto wii and booted usbloader and presto no error and it booted fine

    So for any of you that have this problem it is a error in one of your games


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