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Thread: USB Loader GX problem

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    USB Loader GX problem

    My problem is that after loading the USB loader GX I get an "exception (DSI) occured". However loading games from USB hard disk via NeoGamma R8 beta 7, IOS249 (Rev 14) works fine. Here is the exact error message produced by USB Loader GX:

    ios236 not found, reloading into 36

    some other messages

    init wbfs ...

    Exception (DSI) occurred
    GPR00 80BE50C4 GPR08 00000073 GPR16 80FB0620 GPR24 80EA0000
    GPR01 80FB0568 GPR09 80E82DA0 GPR17 80E9C538 GPR25 00000000
    GPR02 80E80CB4 GPR10 00000006 GPR18 80E9C5D8 GPR26 80E9C528
    GPR04 80FB0590 GPR12 84002082 GPR20 80E9C5E4 GPR28 80EA0000
    GPR05 00000007 GPR13 80E9B680 GPR21 80E9C528 GPR29 000001FF
    GPR06 00000000 GPR14 00000000 GPR22 80E9B9FC GPR30 80F90040
    GPR07 80FB0368 GPR15 00000000 GPR23 80EA0000 GPR31 80FB0590
    LR 80BE50C4 SRR0 80be50d4 SRR1 0000a032 MSR 00000000
    DAR 00000033 DSISR 04000000

    80be50d4 --> 80be50c4 --> 80b05dd8 --> 80b04c08 -->
    80b003a4 --> 80c2ef1c --> 80c2eebc

    80be50d4: 800B0034 2F800000 419E0034 7FC3F378
    80be50e4: 7FE4FB78 7FA5EB78 7C0903A6 4E800421
    80be50f4: 80010024 83A10014 83C10018 7C0803A6


    My hardware:
    - 4.2E wii softmodded using "". Excellent guide, no error messages during installation.

    - External HDD: Western Digital My Passport Essential 2.5" 500GB

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    try and update to the latest version of gx

    Downloads - usbloader-gui - Project Hosting on Google Code

    as the current versions inbetween have had stack dumps. If you update and it still continues please post back.

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    Thanks for your fast reply.
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    Using r891.dol via Homebrew works and using USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder.wad works fine. Thanks

    Do I need to reinstall Priiloader after this?
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    if it's working fine for you no need to reinstall priiloader. The only time you need to update it is if you have a broken version such as r30 or r32 for the autobooting and the diouble powering on issues. If your using r40 or r45 then no need.

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    I have r30. Where can I download r45?

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    Sorry. I found it myself now. Priiloader rev45 can be downloaded here:
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    i think after priiloader it should work i have a western digital 1 tb :P behind mine wii hanging with loads of games and they al work with no problem try installing priiloader and usb 2.0 speed

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    cios loader 38 and usb loader error formating usb drive?

    I get a similar stack dump after a sucessful format of partition 1.

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    got random stacks too, i would recommend different usb loader like this one
    Configurable USB Loader -
    Your softmod needs!
    Softmod 4.1
    Softmod 4.2
    Wii USB Devices Compatibility List
    Owner of Nintendo Wii Black 4.1E (softmodded)

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