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Thread: DS Lite - No Wifi (including Pictochat)

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    DS Lite - No Wifi (including Pictochat)

    Hi All,

    Don't know if someone can help me, I've a DS Lite and the Wifi functions don't appear to be working.

    If I try Pictochat it won't detect over DS's that are 'logged' into room - although it will show the WiFi logo and the LED will flash green.

    Any other WiFi games are unable to connect or detect the Wireless AP - other DS / DS Lites in the same room (which is the same as a the AP) are able to connect without issue.

    Just wondering if someone has any thoughts on the problem - anything I can check internally?.



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    What kind of wireless connection are you try to connect to? Is it WEP secured?

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    Hi All,

    Bit of a serious update on this topic as to the background of the problem:

    Hoping someone can assist me. I've a DS Lite which I attempted to update with FlashMe - sadly I cocked it up and the DS shutdown before I'd even got to 1%.

    I found on various sites instructions on how to recover from this if you have access to another DS Lite's BIOS. These instructions were followed (basically, take a working BIOS - put it in the bricked unit - boot the unit - remove the working BIOS - reinsert the bricked BIOS - start FlashMe again) and my DS now works again.

    However - since doing this none of the WiFi/Wireless stuff is available - and it appears to be BIOS related.

    For example - We've currently 4 DS's, and I can put them all into Pictochat and with the exception of the DS in question, they will detect each other. The DS in quesiton however will be complete unaware of the other units. Because Pictochat is just doing an Ad-Hoc connection I'm fairly sure that this isn't just a problem between the DS and Access Point.

    Further - I beleive this is a problem with the BIOS as I swapped the BIOS's around again and the problem moved to another DS - with the DS in question then able to do Wifi/Wireless.

    For claification, when attempting to use the WiFi side of things the green lamp flashes as expected.

    I'm tried reflashing with FlashME - the flashme uninstaller all with no result.

    Anyone got any thoughts?.


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    Well if it's flashed then you're going to have trouble connecting to other unflashed DS's.

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