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Thread: usb loader gx okami issue

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    usb loader gx okami issue

    I use an USB stick of 16 gb for running the games. Now i have installed some games, total of 9 gb.

    Today i added okami to the list from a backup disk I burned once that still works on a dvd backup loader. But when i install it to usbloader gx and run it it just stays blank and my wii remote turns off.

    I also tried installing the iso on my computer with wbfs. I tried to run it again but no sign at all.

    Maybe its the settings... maybe something that i have to tweak or i dont know.

    I also read some other thread where someone had the same problem but then bought a new HDD that made it work. It could be the problem but I hope its something else since the stick works fine for all my other games in it.

    I can play the game with the dvd-r backup disk, but i just get irritated by this and also its easier not switching disks all the time.

    I really hope someome can give me the sollution.

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    Same issue. Gx does not load okami.

    I am having the same problem. I will try changing a few settings and post results.

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    I used the same 222 ios load that is used to load monster hunter tri and it worked. Loaded fine for me.


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