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Thread: Wii sports resort and USB loader GX

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    Wii sports resort and USB loader GX

    I looked around and couldn't find this yet so i thought I's share it.

    If you;re having issues with wii sports resort or it keeps resetting this is what I did to make mine work perfectly!

    My USB Loader GX is 1.0 I'm not sure how much diffference it would make.
    It's the only loader I could get it to work with and I couldn't get the CD working either.

    1.Load it up and select Wii sports resort on the list
    2.You should see a screen where you can rate it and see your play count
    3.Go under settings
    4.Change alternate DOL from "default" to "Select DOL"
    5.Use Player.dol
    6.Keep Error 002 fix set to "Anti"
    7.Save it.
    6.Go back and launch the game up
    9.Watch the video.
    10.Reboot the wii and follow steps 1-3 again
    11.Change the DOL back to "default"
    Load the game and it should tell you to connect your motion plus or if you already have it connected, it should take you straight to the game!

    I used no SD cards, wii scrubber or anything else and didn't download anything.

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    This worked! Thanks sooo much!

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    Thumbs up

    Great tip. Worked with Configurable USB Loader also.

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    Worked perfectly on latest USB Loader GX - THANKS!

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    Only guide I found that worked great, thanks Kinomi!

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    yep as everyone else said, WORKS PERFECT, thanks a bunch

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    awesome solution. so simple too (although i hadn't tried it untill i read this!) THAAAAANX

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    Thanks pal ... great simple step by step instruction guide!!!

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    This did not work for me!
    Played video... watched video
    trying to play game from s/w moded 4.2 USB Hard Drive just reboots when loading the backup from USB Loader and other ideas to try?

    Remember to give thanks!

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    Awesome just what I was looking for. This works for Red Steel 2 also

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