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Thread: D2pro 5/9 wire chip question

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    D2pro 5/9 wire chip question

    I just bought a Wii this past monday (July 7th) in the US and I am planning on modding it. From my research, it seems that the D2Pro solderless chip seems to be the route to go. My main concern is how to avoid bricking the Wii. I have tried to research this myself but I seem to have come up short on any information regarding the Solderless D2pro and bricking. Is it possible to brick the Wii with this mod chip? Or does the mod chip prevent this from happening?

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated.


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    The only way you can brick a wii is by updating from a game from a different region. There are many topics like this in the wii hacking forum please do a search. search for things like brick blocker etc.


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