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Thread: Wii Downloads! Help!

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    Question Wii Downloads! Help!

    Where can I find wii games without being in torrent? I Need Help!

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    Hhhmm o_0

    I'm not sure if this thread will infringe the site rules. Of course, you should only have Backups of your Original games, so if youre downloading something you own the original too I guess it is ok.

    As for downloads, Torrents are the most common form of downloads. You may also investigate Newservers (NZB filea) but you will have to access the newservers though. Some can be free but the most useful ones require some form of subscription.

    Google is your very best friend on this subject.

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    gooogle newsgroups that what i use , ican get a full 4.37 gig ios in 70 mins everytime though it does cost me about 8 a month for astraweb

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