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Thread: Help with internet channel wad plaese

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    Help with internet channel wad plaese

    Hello everyone another noob (so sorry for any dumb questions)Am trying to install the internet channel to try and stream to my wii via TVersity. Was doing some reading up and saw that because now i have installed the homebrew channel and u loader i can not update my wii trying to get onto the wwi shop to get the internet channel. Is this correct and if it is then i have dowloaded the internet wad but not sure how to load ythis now tried putting it into my apps folder but didnt see it on the homebrew channel. Thanks for any help and advice.

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    Firstly it helps to know what version of Firmware you have.
    Secondly it helps to know what guide you have used to install the HBC and how far through the guide you have gotten.

    If you click the link in my Signature for 3.1 - 4.1 hacking, you will see some Optional Installs at the bottom of the first thread. Located therin is a 4.2 Shop Mod Hack and the Internet Channel.

    You are correct that now that you have hacked your Wii you should not update. Use PriiLoader to block updates from the disks, and the 4.2 Shop Mod Hack mentioned above will block the online updates.

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    Thanks for getting back i unfortunately used another install guide
    HOWTO: Setup a System Menu 3.x – 4.1 Wii for playing backups of commercial games with uLoader Ade's Softmodding Wii blog
    Just looking through to make sure its all the same as yours worried now it never mentioned the PriiLoader. Should have found your guide first will have a good look at yours thanks.My version is 3.4E

    Sorry another question is TVersity a good media streamer . Was trying to stream sopcast (footy) via vlc player via wii to tv?Thanks to your guide got it sorted had it streaming but it sucks as of quality.
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    My apologies for the late reply - i'm at work in the Uk at the min lol.

    What I would do is read through the guide in my signature as it has the most upto date information in it. If your on 3.4E then there are a few more steps that you should idelly take to get yourself onto 4.1E. Luckily enough for you, the guide in my sig will help you do that SAFELY.

    Ok, Step 1: Read through the guide in my sig and compare it to the one you used. You can then tick off the steps from both guides that match that you have completed.

    This will then give you a basis on what steps you need to take to continue with the guide. I will also run through both guides now as a matter of course and give you some further pointers.

    Step 2: For now, forget the streaming and concentrate on completing the softmod process in full to ensure that your as safe as possible. Once you have completed the guide in my sig, we can help you much better.

    I have now read through both guides and ticked off the things you have done. From my review I have found that you are upto step 4 of the guide in my signature. It it advisable to update your firmware to 4.1E rather than 3.4E as this will allow you to install PriiLoader to increase security.

    My advice is to download the pack from the guide in my signature and start at setp 4. Follow the guide through to the end from this point and you will have a Wii on 4.1E capable of playing backups from both DVD-R and HDD and will have PriiLoader installed to protect you from updates from Disks.
    I would also advise that you install the Optional Installs from the bottom of the guide for the 4.2 Shop Mod Hack to protect from online updates, and the USB Loader GX and WBFS Manager if you intend to load from HDD as this is the best loader IMO.

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    Many thanks for getting back and looking at what i have done, will carry on with your guide and like you say, make sure i do it right this time.
    Great site this and shame didnt see it to start with, would have saved lot of hassle, again thanks.
    Edit: All sorted up to version 4.1, priiloader, mplayer, shop channel and usb loader all done. Thanks feel happier now.
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