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Thread: Rock Band 2 DLC

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    Rock Band 2 DLC

    Hey everyone!

    Just got the DLC content for RB2 on my SD but niw I have a little problem:

    Every song is titled "Purchased" and when I try to "Download it again", my Wii shows: "Wii system must have 200 blocks free".

    My Wii System has 1800 free blocks and my SD 7000. SD Mode is enabled. Why canīt I download songs to my SD?

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    did you have any dlc on your SD card or wii before you installed the hacks?
    when downloading DLC content from rockband it will always downloads to your wii (first) hence why it is telling you that you need 200 free blocks then it gets transfered to your SD card after it gets put in your wii system memory. PS i dont think rock band supports SDHC...i could be wrong but i thought that was only intorduced for GH5 and Band Hero

    Does this happen with all dlc songs?

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    i had a guitar hero world tour dlc on my wii system before, could that be a reason why itīs not working?


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