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Thread: am i limited

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    am i limited

    ok i got my softmod done and things seem to be going fine now. i want to thank everyone for theyre help. now what i want to know is when i download games will my softmod play the pal versions or just the ones from my region cause there is alot of pal games out there

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    yes you can play games from other regions.
    you may need to adjust a few setting in your loader to get them to work properley though.,

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    Can I just ask on the back of this, is there a sure-fire way of forcing PAL games to display as NTSC?

    I am asking as I have a PAL Wii, with all PAL games, but brought it to the US where I have an NTSC-only TV.

    Most games work fine, but quite a few don't.

    I have tried USB Loader gx's various settings to patch and try to force NTSC, and even tried changing the region of the ISO before adding it to the HD, but I still get the message 'unsupported mode' on the TV's display. (I can still turn off the Wii using the Wiimote, so I know it hasn't crashed).

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    try neogamma as a loader and change the vid settings....

    i have heard that neogamma works very well with PAL 2 NTSC and vice-verse

    HERE - NeogammaR8beta15

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    Nah, its not working...
    I should mention I am using the component cable as the composite connection results in a black and white image.
    I am trying Little King Story, its working in black and white using Neogamma, but not at all using the component cable.
    I have tried most combinations of the settings I think, also in uloader and USB loader gx...

    Can anyone help?

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    Your cables and TV have nothing to do with this. As pointed out by Iamlegend, it's all about your backup loader.

    Do you have Priiloader? Is your Wii region free?

    I've always been able to play PAL and NTSC games without a problem with my backup loader.

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    Yes I have preloader 0.29 installed and my Wii is set to be region freed on there.
    I have read elsewhere that it is down to the TV (where Little King's Story is concerned, anyway)
    I have a few games that don't work though... Scarface, Madworld, Paper Mario, etc which kinda sucks...


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