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Thread: Super Smash Bros Brawl Friend Codes ~NeW~

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    Super Smash Bros Brawl Friend Codes ~NeW~

    I know there are more topics from this, but i don't know if these people still play this game!? So anyone who wants to fight.. this is my friend code::

    SSBB Friend Code: 3137-7644-8634

    Just Add Me And give me yours if you Dare

    Im from Europe (Netherlands) if it matters...

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    Brawl Code


    |Wii Friend Code (6250-5560-1305-9974)|Smash Bros Brawl Code (3051-8783-9456)|Mario Kart Code (0904-3392-4208)|COD Modern Warfare Code (0040-9676-7844)|Tatsunoko VS Capcom Ultimate All Stars Code (3610-2427-2473)|

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    I added your FriendCode I'll be online in a couple of hours maybe i see ya there!
    Be sure to add me 2 :P

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    Add me too

    1376 8254 5520

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    I'll add you too See ya both on brawl!

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    aadddd meeeee im cooooool


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    LoL Okay ill add you too because ur cool

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    I'm still waiting on registration from you guys add me too

    SSBB 1376 8254 5520

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    I have already added you maybe we have to be both online before we will see if the registration is done?

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    haha cool

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