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Thread: Purchasing Wii to run HDD loader... What to avoid?

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    Purchasing Wii to run HDD loader... What to avoid?

    I have had 2 Wii's (one launch console then I bought a used modded system), but I have not been following the Wii homebrew scene in a long time.

    This new HDD loading capability has peaked my interest, but I am not sure what to look for when purchasing a Wii to mod.

    My technical skills are very high and I soldered and modded XBOX, XBOX 360 and PS2s.

    So with that said I have a few questions for tips in buying a Wii to mod:
    - Do I avoid new consoles all together b/c of new firmware and/or DVD drives
    - What versions do I avoid? Anything 4.1+?

    I am guessing I will probably be performing a softmod to get this thing started. No need to buy a chip if I have everything else lying around.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

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    If your interests are loading from external drive, you can mod any wii to do it. Softmodding is the easiest way since most modchips only effect the disk loading capability. The newer wii consoles won't play backups from disk and since you are talking about external hdd, it is irrelevant. The wode is the only modchip i know of that will allow for loading from usb device.
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    As far as I know HDD loading isn't affected by the Wii firmware / How old the console is. You can refer to this list on the compatiblity of USB devices though.

    USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp

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    Thanks for the quick replies. This is good to hear.

    I am probably just going to go buy a Wii this afternoon... Thanks!


    I will be purchasing a Wii, 320GB WD Passport and 2GB SD...

    I have a external drive, but getting the smaller passport... I thought I had a 2GB card, but I can't find it
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    Every B&M around here was sold out. I ended up ordering a Wii @ Newegg (can't beat 1 day shipping from their TN warehouse) and got a 320GB WD Essentials at Dell for $60 shipped.


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