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Thread: removal of all signs of softmod

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    Question removal of all signs of softmod

    Hi everyone i am new to all this and my mate put a 320gb seagate hard drive with a load of games on my wii for me unfortunately i took it to a mates and since then it keeps freezing and i cant move my cursor i think this is a problem with the wii itself not the hd as it dosen't freeze when in wbfs manager is there a way to remove all signs of hacking so i can return my wii to cex for an exchange then start again or will they be able to tell it was second hand when i got it so they will prob just swap it but they have my address if they can tell they will not swap

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    Hello, you can start read about how make a virgin wii here :-)
    Your softmod needs!
    Softmod 4.1
    Softmod 4.2
    Wii USB Devices Compatibility List
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    thanks will check it out

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