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Thread: Wii 64 application question

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    Question Wii 64 application question

    Hello all, I am new to the mod world of the wii and recently installed the HBC with my version 4.2 wii. I successfully installed HBC with the 4.2 softmod tutorial on this site and although I have not really messed around with burning games or playing backups, I am currently trying to get hip with the HBC applications first.

    I downloaded and added to my SD card the FCE emulator for Nintendo 8-bit, the SNES emulator and the Wii 64 emulator. While I added roms for each system to my SD card, the FCE and SNES roms work perfectly.

    However, when I load Wii64 and try to load a rom from either my SD card or a USB drive, I get an error message. It will not allow me to load roms and the roms do not show up.

    Any help or pointers?

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    That emulator is still a work in progress and doesn't play games that well. go to for info on homebrew such as emulators to see about compatibility.


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